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Coby Huang
Coby Huang

2013 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / Master / Department of Industrial and Commercial Design


2013-2015 Alt Design Lead Designer / ATOM 3D Printer
2013 Lacquer Plan Showed at Sky Gallery: Independent Designer / Qiao Design: Internship(Main Executor of Migratory Bird Project)
2012 Lacquer Plan Showed at Taiwan Designers' Week: Rising Star Lacquer Plan Showed at Platform (Singapore)
2011 Franz Award 2011: Leader Graphic Designer (2010-2011)

Contests & Awards

2014 Franz Award
2013 YiLian Chair: Second Place
2012 Reddot Design Award 2012 Winner: Corner Box
2011 Great Design: Winner
2010 Lite-on Award: The Panel of Lite-On Judges Special Award
2010 Taiwan International Design Competition: Beneficence: winner
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