Wander Light


這件作品將無限延續的函數圖形cos(x) * sin(y) + cos(y) * sin(z) + cos(z) * sin(x)-(cos(x) * sin(y) + cos(y) * sin(z) + cos(z) * sin(x))^2實體化,看似複雜的腔體間分為三個層次,透過光影層次漸變,產生出蜿蜒的空間效果。

Through combining two continuous surfaces, the space is separated into three fluent void layers, which are contiguous and isolated from each other. When light illuminates from outside of the surfaces, it demonstrates various degrees of shadow on to the white skin, showing the depth of space. However, when the light illuminates from within, the boundary between surfaces have a blurring effect. The relationship between surface, space and layering creates a wonderful optical visual of separated exterior surfaces which also continues within itself.
With the help of the digital media program, Grasshopper, this work is the realization of the mathematical formula: cos(x) * sin(y) + cos(y) * sin (z) + cos (z) * sin(x)-(cos(x) * sin(y) + cos(y) * sin (z) + cos(z) * sin(x))^2. All the complicated cavities create three void layers which reflect light from diverse angles, simulating a paradoxical relationship, like oil and water. This is also a demonstration of another "paradoxical" relationship, a combination of art and mathematics joined together in a perfect unison.

  • 價格/ 36,960
  • 尺寸/ 21x21x40 cm
  • 重量/ 3 kg
  • 製造/  Taiwan
  • 預計出貨時間/ 10 個工作天