Folding Polygon

Folding Polygon 設計靈感來自日式摺紙可伸縮的特性,把摺痕的形式呈現在本次作品的結構中。當Folding Polygon在製作時的高度只有18cm但作品拉伸後高度可達到40cm,突破目前3D列印物件受限於成型體積的限制,這是目前列印技術所提倡的4D列印。除此之外,Folding Polygon上的可動結構則是一次性的列印完成,並不需要後續組裝。

Folding Polygon highlights a special 3D printing technique known as in “4D printing”. Inspired by origami's simple folding idea, the Folding Polygon can transform its structure. It is produced at height of 18 cm and can double up in size up to 40 cm. In addition, the main body of the piece was all printing without any assembly required.

  • 價格/ 40,425
  • 尺寸/ 27x27x50 cm
  • 重量/ 1 kg
  • 製造/  Taiwan
  • 預計出貨時間/ 10 個工作天