Du Fu script


The union of the history and innovation can be exhibited in this piece. With the help of master calligrapher Xiao Shi Qiong's writing of Du Fu's poem (將曉二首), a transformation of beautiful Chinese calligraphy into a innovative 3D piece can be seen here. Du Fu's work is revitalized here to demonstrate the grace and strength of calligraphy. The light encompasses the brush's ability to perform light and gentle strokes, while the dark strong strokes can be felt within rigid confines of the piece itself. This piece not only encompasses such an interesting paradoxical relationship but rejuvenates an aspect of Ancient Chinese history into modern technology.

  • 價格/ 18,480
  • 尺寸/ 15x15x15 cm
  • 重量/ 0.5 kg
  • 製造/  Taiwan
  • 預計出貨時間/ 10 個工作天